Sprouts School Survey 2017

In total we surveyed 766 students from all over Thailand aged between 11 and 19 years. 21% of the students went to public, 79% to private schools. Around two third of the respondents were female. Here some key our findings:

  • 70% like going to school, up 3%
  • 30% think that school fails to prepare them for their future, up 44%
  • 45% reported that their teachers were offer good grades for “special favors”, down 13%
  • 50% reported to have been hit by a teacher last year, down 10%
  • 43% said their are not happy with their lives, up 53%
  • 35% said they not practice speaking in English class, up 17%

Download the full Graphs or access the Raw Data here. The survey questions were promoted via the Sprouts Facebook Page between March and June 2017. Picture source: wikipedia.org