Sprouts Social Learning Platform

We created tryfaildo.com, a fool-proof social learning platform that works on basic smart phones. Students first listen to the theory, then do assignments to put theory into practise and last learn to reflect through peer feedback. If they finish the 4-10 lesson long courses they earn a mini-degree. Currently we some 1,000 learners registered. They age between 14-35 years and mainly live in upcountry Thailand.

School of Learning (Thai)

In this school we introduce techniques that will improve your learning skills. The course is suited for students who are preparing for tests or people who want to sharpen their cognitive skills to learn new things more effectively. P Tum, our teacher, will help us understand how our brain works and how to reach its full potential. Sign Up


School of Characters (Thai)

In this course, Milk, an illustrator from MinuteVideos, teaches the process of character design so that you can learn to create your very own cartoons. In the last lesson Milk will teach to upload your characters to the LINE mobile app. If they get accepted, you earn money from every download. Sign Up


School of Drawing (Thai)

Sign-up for our first course, School of Drawing with Nalin. The course will teach you the fundamentals of how to draw. Every lesson there will be one challenge that lead to one master piece: a self-portrait. Sign Up


School of Creative Thinking (Thai)

Mint, who also teaches at Chulalongkorn University or works at the TCDC, teaches techniques we can use to become more creative thinkers.


School of Economics (Thai)

Oui, a tutor in economics and psychology teaches the our School of Economics, where we introduce students to the economic way of thinking of everyday life.


School of Teaching (Thai)

School of Teaching will support teachers around Thailand by giving techniques to communicate, organise their classrooms, explain information and teach more effectively.

We are currently looking for teachers who wants to help write and present this course. Help Create This Course


School of Photography (Thai)

Photography is something that we'd like to teach, because it allows students to make a first step towards becoming artistic creators of their own. In the "School of Photography" we want to teach to see, the appreciate, to capture, to organise and to share.

We are now looking for a photographer who wants to write or teach the course. Help Create This Course