Sprouts on YouTube

We run a YouTube Channel that aims to explain core concepts of learning, teaching and pedagogy in a simple, easy to understand format. The channel is available in English and Thai. The videos are produced with our friends at MinuteVideos.com. If you like our work, check us out at www.patreon.com/sprouts to support the production of new videos.

Learning Techniques

This collection is aimed to explain the most important techniques we can use to increase the effectiveness of our learning and understanding.

Experiential Learning

The Feynman Technique

Process Learning Technique

Diffused & Focused Thinking Technique

13 Study Tips

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Pedagogy and Principles

This series highlights some of the general terms and concepts used to described schools, philosophies and phenomenas in education.

Waldorf Education

Montessori Education

The Growth Mindset

Problems of Testing

The Flipped Classroom

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Teaching Techniques

These videos explain some techniques that teachers used in the classroom to increase student engagement, attention or social responsibilities.

Keep Attention High

Teach for Mastery Learning

Test for Mastery Learning

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