We explain complex ideas in simple cartoon animations

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Our videos lessons explain complicated ideas in simple animations for classrooms worldwide—so that there is more time for active learning

To maximize our impact and allow for easy access, we publish under a Creative Commons license on YouTube.

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We create educational videos and classroom activities that are fun, easy to understand, and meet a high academic standard.

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"Very few times one comes to a YouTube video and actually learns something. Your videos are the most productive on YouTube."
Nuclearwintercool 92 on Learning with Passion
"The best channel for teachers on Youtube. Period."
Eva M. on Active Learning
“My teacher shared this video with the class and told us we’d be trying it out. I am SOOO excited to learn like this!”
Shallot Cat on The Flipped Classroom
"The graphics are just fantastic. I'm loving this style of teaching!"
TBurian Online