We make educational videos and publish with Creative Commons so teachers can use them free of charge.

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Our Mission

Explain things

We strive to bring projects and active learning into classrooms, so students can make deep social experiences that foster a better understanding of themselves, others and their environment. Today, our videos reach millions of people every month at home or in classrooms all around the world. 

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40,000,000+ views and growing with every second.

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Our videos have been added to over 250,000 YouTube playlists.

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98% likes vs. 2% dislikes in over 1 million ratings.

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Over 1 million students watch Sprouts videos every month, and because our videos are presented as cartoons students from all over the world can relate. This also makes it easier for our volunteers who have translated our videos into Chinese, Hebrew, Hindu, French, and over 25 other languages.

People love how we explain


Guiding principles

To make our videos suitable for classrooms all around the world, we commit to the following principles.

Be kind, upbeat, easy to understand and school friendly 

Be unbiased, correct and aspire to be truthful

Follow democratic principles, but never a particular political agenda

Use simple language and little text, so our video can be translated easily

Play our videos in public schools or non-profit organizations

Sprouts publishes all its content under the Creative Commons (CC) license. Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization devoted to educational access. Wikipedia, Flicker, Sprouts, and many other organizations support this new more flexible form of copyright.

Under the Sprouts CC BY-NC license re-users are allowed to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator, as follows: “Video by Sprouts https://sproutsschools.com” 

Individuals or companies that use the videos in a commercial way, can purchase the license for a single video for $200 directly from us. Private school networks or institutional clients can purchase licenses from us or via our publisher boclips.

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Born in Bangkok in 2015, Sprouts videos and education materials are produced, owned, and published by the Sprouts Learning Company. Our mission is to make learning better, and more meaningful and accessible. Besides publishing the Sprouts Videos, we are working on Mali, a new app for first-time moms, and we also operate the Sprouts Early Learning Center, a small innovative preschool in central Bangkok. Learn more about us and all that we do at sproutslearning.org