We bring the social sciences to teachers
and into classrooms worldwide.

Guiding principles

To make our videos suitable for classrooms all around the world, we commit to the following principles.

Aspire to be unbiased, correct and truthful

Be upbeat, easy to understand and school friendly

Don't follow a particular political agenda or trends

Use cartoons and illustrations to be relevant globally

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Why we make videos

We think that we can have a high impact on education if we focus on making engaging videos — content that inspires teachers to explain complicated ideas in simple language and then do projects to allow their students to make deep social learning experiences.

The team

Jonas Koblin

Head of content

Selina Bador

Head of partnerships

Pascal Gaggelli




Nalin Kamolnavin

Colour design

Marc Schwyn




Matt Abbott

Male Voice


Female Voice



Gunnar Selm

Sprouts Deutschland

Cynthia Borja

Sprouts Spanish

Jay Un

Head of Deep Learning

Ali Daemi

Sprouts Persian

Vijyada Songrienchai

Head of office


Sprouts Turkish

Thang Zhi Xuan

Sprouts Mandarin

Ludo Saint Amour di Chanaz


Sprouts videos are produced by a team of freelancers and volunteers who share a deep passion for improving education. Currently, none of us is able to do this full-time just yet, but we are confident that this changes soon. Besides getting support from our patreons, we receive funding from YouTube ads, sponsors, and Sprouts Learning. Sprouts Learning is a social enterprise that also operates Sprouts, a small early learning center in central Bangkok, and publishes Mali, an app for new parents in emerging markets. 

Join our team and help us educate the world!